Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some dour thoughts before a flight.

I was awake this morning before rosy-fingered dawn stretched her digits to the sky. I am off to the American heartland, where guns are rife, morals are mutable and republicanism is in full ascendance.

Last night, thank our god of loving-kindness, a retrograde sexual predatory, racist, anti-semitic, theocrat lost his election for Senator of Alabama--a state that hasn't elected a Democratic Senator for almost 30 years.

As the "Times" reported this morning, a "Deep Red State Deals a Stinging Rebuke to the President."

I sure as heck hope so.

Though, I think until the final folly of his fecklessness falls and he is spewed from office like Charybidis spewed out Odysseus' ship, he will remain rebuke-less.

Too self-unaware to notice anything that doesn't jibe with his personal megalomania.

Trump is our fault, I'm sorry to say.

Even this morning, just hours after the election, the news spent more time talking about Christmas recipes than the fascist authoritarianism that is making its way toward our country on little cat's feet.

We are no longer a serious country.

Our news isn't news.

It is infotainment.

We sold our news departments to ratings.

And we are paying for it.

We are of trivia, by trivia and for trivia.

Giving us an electorate and a political class wholly ignorant of our laws and our history.

That's how you get Trump as president.

And very nearly get an avowed racist and child-predator as Senator.

But enough of that for now.

I have a plane to catch.

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