Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yesterday, I got a Linked In message from someone I've never met before.

This is hardly unusual. I guess by dint of my advanced age and ostensibly august position, a lot of people send me notes.

I try to be considerate--probably too considerate. And more often than not, find time to respond to most of these solicitations.

I'm much more apt, by the way, to respond if these notes are thoughtful and well-written. That's only natural. Writing well, to me, is a currency I value.

I guess you could call it "wit-coin." It's something I appreciate.

In any event, yesterday, I got the following note from someone I've never heard of who works for a company I've never heard of:

Hey hey! I hope you are having an epic day! I would love to make introductions and talk talent! We work with shit hot creative and digital talent globally and with offices now in __________ and _______, it would be awesome to talk to you about the great local and international talent we work with! Lets talk?

First things first. I'm 60 years old and have yet to have an epic day. Second, I don't want to talk talent. Third, the adjective "shit hot" disgusts me. Fourth, it is not awesome to talk to me. It never has been. Finally, you spelled "Lets" wrong.

In short, if you're going to hit me up, respect my time. Write a proper note.

And check your spelling.

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