Thursday, January 4, 2018

Work. For better. And worse.

While I am still on vacation, for another few days or for another week, depending on how guilty I feel, the irrepressible demands of work have tugged me by the ear out of the sea and to my flickering desktop.

Not only am I in post-production on a commercial we shot in mid-December, I have a host of other niggling things creeping into my consciousness.

There was the print ad I had to look at yesterday, cuts this morning, and cuts once again tonight.

Truth is, I'm not complaining. For all the issues I have with the "always-on" world of work, the people I work with--from account, to planning, to creative, to project management, to the client, have somehow formed a Band of Brothers. We are in the work together, supporting each other and generally very positive about what we have to do and when we have to do it by.

In fact, this Brotherhood is one of the prime things that makes work worthwhile. I mean that in a completely non-sexist and non-gendered way.

So while I sit here in front of my desktop, and wait and wait and wait for a spate of rough-cuts to download so I can write a comment or two to those back at the ranch and braving New York's Arctic cold, I don't really resent the imposition.

Work is what we do. In many ways and many days, it's what we love--the problem solving, the trials, the collaboration, the camaraderie, the craft, and of course, the laughter and the partnership.

No, the tropical sun hasn't gone to my head.

I just need something to think about while I wait for this download.

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