Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nobody Asked Me, But....Winter edition.

Nobody asked me but...is my periodic doff of the cap to the late-great New York sportswriter Jimmy Cannon. When Cannon could find no topic for his column, he would write one of these—meandering and random, but I hope, fun.

Nobody asked me but….

….nothing’s uglier than the huge piles of monoxide-crusted snow dappled with dogshit that appear on nearly every corner of New York within hours of a snow-storm.

….except maybe Donald Trump’s hair.

….and his personality.

….and his policies.

….if you’ve ever wondered what the metaphor “go piss up a rope” means, try registering a noise complaint with the City.

…As half our business calls TV dead, “The Wall Street Journal” reports “Era of Peak TV Continues With 487 Scripted Shows in 2017.”


….Targeted digital ads make me feel like a target.


….No one wants to feel like a target.


….I don’t trust anyone tells me “I’ll get back to you.”


….I can’t help it, if you don’t wear a hat in the winter a) don’t complain about the cold and b) I think you dress like a fool.


…I get how “Fearless Girl” helped McCann’s business. I don’t see how it helped State Street’s.


…Christmas lights should be down by now.


…Or leave them up for Martin Luther King Day and cut your losses.


…I still don’t understand why more people don’t boycott racist-enabling Fox—including sports—on Fox. Folks, you’re giving money to people who support evil.


….During the morning rush-hour in deepest winter, I think garbage trucks out-number pedestrians.


….Given the amount of garbage in New York, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


…Speaking of garbage, Donald Trump.

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