Friday, February 23, 2018

I hate brand love.

Call me naive, but after more than 33 years in the business, I am nevertheless consistently astounded by the amount of bullshit our industry can churn out. In fact, I picture, when I hear some of it, William Blake's "dark Satanic Mills," doing nothing but producing vast quantities of the lowest grade of folderol.

I came upon the clip below on Wednesday. I don't know the people involved, but I assume they don't murder kittens or strap their children overnight to a bedstead. In other words, I reckon, perhaps, they have a soul, and maybe a sense of decency.

But listening to the below, maybe all that is stretching it.

If you're really interested in annihilating your brain cells and searing your ear-drums and moronizing your very soul, break-away for 45 minutes and watch this, the apotheosis of almost everything I hate.

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