Monday, February 12, 2018

The glory days are here again.

About six months ago I was down on 15th Street at Sonic Union, recording and mixing some commercials. The quality of the recording people hardly matters to me. I choose where to work based on their lunch and snack offerings.

Sonic Union, as you may or may not know, is famous for their snack wall. An entire edifice given over to Ju-Ju-Bees, Chex Mix, shelled walnuts, gummy bears, and of course, M&Ms in both the plain and peanut variety. 

It should be noted that those who have more experience with the snack wall choose to use the peanut M&Ms as a chock behind a tire to keep a car or truck from rolling backwards, or with enough of them, to build a temporary highway barrier if no concrete is in the offing.

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I wasn't aware of this, and made the foolish mistake of eating one--a blue peanut M&M if I remember correctly. 


With one mastication, I lost the lion's share of a molar that had been serving me well, until that point, for some 50 years.

I quickly went uptown to my dentist, who poked and prodded and after a few weeks build a crown. In all, the work cost me $3,000.

Minutes ago Maurice the mailroom guy, a fine man and upstanding citizen, struggled with a box the size of two shoeboxes. It was filled to the brim with M&Ms.

Stop by if you want some.

Especially if you're prepared to lose a tooth or two.

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