Monday, February 19, 2018

Nobody asked me but....Presidents' Day edition.

Nobody asked me but is my periodic tribute to the great sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When Cannon had nothing to write about, he'd come across with one of these. About everything but sports.

Nobody asked me but...

...When I was a kid, we celebrated Lincoln's birthday on his birthday, February 12th and Washington's on his, February 22nd.

....That made a lot more sense than celebrating an anodyne day that lumps Richard Nixon and Franklin Roosevelt together. Not to mention Donald Trump.

...The holiday has gotten worse. The mattress sales have gotten better.

...It's getting harder and harder to read the paper and not be angry.

...Speaking of angry, seeing the David H Koch theatre at Lincoln Center makes me want to throw rocks.

...Is Lincoln Center so impoverished that they need Koch's blood money?

...The same can be said for the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art--they have Koch monuments, too.

....I don't have a lot of respect for Ad Aged's "A List." 

...And not just because my agency wasn't on it.

...I think if you do an A List, you should show images of work produced, not just photos of people.

...If you "dope" to win a curling Bronze medal, that seems like a new low.

...I am spending 40% less time on my cellphone since I turned my screen black and white, as suggested in "The New York Times."

...Wait, you haven't ordered Steven Pinker's new book yet?

...I'm 107% sure Donald Trump hasn't watched "The Post." Much less "Mr Smith Goes to Washington."

...I didn't love "The Post," but it depicted one salient truth: you can't keep a pattern of lies under wraps for ever.

...Or as Carl Bernstein said, "the press won't bring Trump down, the truth will. And the press will uncover the truth."

...Speaking of Trump, it wouldn't surprise me if many of the votes he "received" were from Russian bots.

...We are optimizing banner ads, they told me. I asked "is that to get 62 clicks per 100,000 impressions up from 60?"

...I get kicked out of a lot of meetings.

...Thank god.

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