Monday, September 16, 2019

Collective nouns and agency life.

Not too long ago I ran across a funny piece in “The New Yorker” called “A Compiled List of Collective Nouns,” by Mia Mercado. I’ve excerpted it here:

A group of ants is called a colony.
A group of aunts is called a book club.

A group of sparrows is called a host.
A group of men named James is called late-night hosts.

A group of millennials who look different is called a marketing campaign.
A group of millennials who look the same is called a brunch.
A group of millennials who have laptops is called a co-working space.

A group of buzzards is called a wake.
A group of liberals calls itself woke.

A gathering of cows is called a herd.
A gathering of random strangers is called Hell.

Then I decided to add a few for agency life in our modern era.

A prolix of copywriters
A panic of account people
A grid of designers
An eight-point of art directors
An overthink of strategists
A pixel of digital marketers
A jargon of clients
A venn of planners
A brazilian of interns
An edict of CEO spouses
A wagefreeze of holding company execs
A shrill of time-sheet police
A collaboration of working all weekend
A tone-deaf of corporate emails
A lavish of award shows
An inscrutable of powerpoints
A reduction of benefits
A lunch of producers
An ecoli of sandwiches
A framefuck of editors
A grin of stock photos
A wfh of ECDs
A fired of bloggers

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