Monday, October 28, 2019

I'm empowered, goddammit.

I’m empowered, goddammit.

I'm me. I'm myself. I'm unique. I'm special. I'm one of a kind and kind of a one. I'm an individual, goddammit, and I am empowered with my individualized individualization to live my best empowered life at all times and in all cases, even soft-side briefcases.

I’m empowered to speak out and speak in, speak up and speak down. I’m empowered to be me. I'm empowered to be free. I’m empowered to be my best self and empowered to empower myself. I’m so empowered, I actually empower empowerment.

I have an empowered attitude. Empowered drive. Empowered motivation. Empowered hustle. Empowered purpose that’s empowering a life where I can empower others to make a difference by empowering others who empower others.

I don’t wait for outcomes, I empower myself to achieve my outcomes. When I’m done achieving my outcomes, sometimes I start over and achieve someone else’s outcomes. That’s how empowered I am.

I'm empowered, goddammit.

Empowerment is about empowering me. Empowerment is grabbing life by the horns and wrestling it down to the ground and making it cry a gender-fluid ‘Uncle!’ Empowerment is running my own race, playing my game by my rules and empowering myself to empower myself to victory.

Empowering is the empowerment to lean in, to lean out. To lean sideways, to lean corned beef. Empowerment is putting my right foot in and taking my right foot out. Empowerment is what it’s all about.

I’m empowered, goddammit. Empowered to follow my heart, my passion and my dreams. Empowered to evolve to the next level and the next level after that like I’m a Toyota Corolla looking for a parking space in a crowded garage.

I’m empowered goddammit. I've got so much power, I run on alternating current, direct current, lithium ion, solar, wind, nuclear, renewable, shale oil, gasoline, hydropower, geo-thermal, peat, bio-diesel and clean coal. I’m so empowered I run on heart and soul and energy—no matter what kind.

I’m empowered goddamnit. I love what I do and I do what I love and I break things and make things and fail fast and fail slow and fail to show up. I’m so empowered the lights come on when nobody’s home. I’m so empowered I make Con Edison look like a Hasid’s closet in the dark.

I follow my dreams and write my own story and create my own narrative. I’m the star, the co-star, the director, the producer and the key-grip of my own personal mini-series. I’m even the caterer if you want an empowered breakfast burrito.

My opportunities are boundless because I love what I do and I’m empowered to do it, because I’m empowered, goddammit. 

I take empowerment and put the me in it. Without me empowerment would just be empowernt. There's no empowerment with our em ee.

I'm empowered, goddammit.

Lead, follow or get out of my empowered way,

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