Friday, April 23, 2010

Easy peasy.

Not all that long ago I worked on the H-P account, specifically focused on servers. I had a meeting with the CMO of H-P, a very big deal. I maintained in our meeting that H-P had a much more compelling server story to tell than they realized. The CMO asked me what I meant. In true Yiddish fashion, I answered her question with a question.
"Who sells the most Linux-compatible servers in the world," I asked.
"IBM," she replied.
"No, you do" I countered.
"How do you know that," she asked.
"I read it in your annual report," I answered.

My point today is simple and frustrating. Most companies don't know what they sell. It's our job as agencies to tell them, and show and tell the world in a sexy, informative way.

It really is that simple.

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Carlos Saldivia said...

The "disconnect" regarding their own product is frightening..