Thursday, April 8, 2010

May the best car win.

GM, we're told, is making progress toward viability. Their cars look better and their advertising--the fake Hal-Riney-VO-rip-offs not withstanding, are slightly less awful than they used to be--only slightly mind you.

But for all GM's progress, GM's lost $4.3 billion over the last 6 months. To put that figure into a bit context, that loss is roughly $1 million/hour.


Graham Strong said...

Wow, they lose more money before 6am than most companies lose all day!


Kelly said...


There is nothing like "progress toward viability" to put a spring in the ol' corporate step.

Woo hoo.

& the loss is strangely much more staggering when you make it small like that. Blech.