Friday, April 16, 2010

The meeters vs. the doers.

Not to be too Manichean about this, but there are two ways to divide the agency world. There are people who like to meet and people who like to do. There is an eternal struggle between these two. And I'm sad to report that these days, at least among the 27 agencies I've been employed by during the last three years, the meeters are ascendant. They are, in the parlance of "The Sport of Kings," leading and going away.

Yesterday, I had an excruciating meeting to talk about an online campaign. The Chief Meeter needed me to explain what needs to be done about six times. (I am not exaggerating.) Now mind you, I am the ECD on this work and the writer. I know what needs to be writ and I've written most of it already. So once again, in the simplest and most minced words I explain what needs to be done and when I will have it done by.

Of course, he is the one scheduling everything. But he doesn't bring a calendar to the meeting.

And last night, in a spasm of officious lack of efficiency he sends out the schedule of"deliverables" I dictated to him with one little mistake.

Instead of writing April, he wrote May.

All of a sudden he's given me five weeks to write a banner ad.


There is no reason ever to schedule a meeting.

Do the work.
Show people the work.
Sell the work.
Produce the work.
Move on to the next work.

No, but the meeters have to justify their existence.
And they do this by...meeting.

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