Friday, April 30, 2010

A report from the front line.

I was dreading today. I'm preparing things for a big meeting and I knew I'd have to staple some paper together. I was dreading it because recently my agency (actually the entire holding company) switched from the Swingline 7720 stapler to the Pointe 798.

Since I started in this business, I've been a Swingline man. I started with the 32Z (shown above). And it was the stapler all the great agencies used. Heck! It's what Bill Bernbach himself stapled with. So when they told me about the move, I was more than a trifle disconsolate.

Even after they told me that around the world we would save over $177,000 in staplers and stapling-related fees--even that wasn't enough to move me. I was stiff-necked even after they told me the Pointe 798 would reduce--in half!--stapling injuries.

I get all that. But when the pressure's on, when a major client meeting looms and the work needs to be neatly clipped, jeepers, you want Ol' Reliable.

I argued to no avail. The holding company's CSO (Chief Stapler Officer) turned a deaf ear.

The work had to be stapled and all I had was a Pointe 798.

Well, I'm here to report that the Pointe 798 is a damn fine machine. Entry is deep and even, staple-ejection is fast and clean.

God, I love this business.

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