Monday, July 2, 2007

If advertisers acted like politicians.

This morning the news world was abuzz with the news that Barack Obama raised over $30 million in the quarter just ended. And that John McCain is letting people go and cutting salaries because he's "behind in the money race."

You see similar tallies when the press talks about new movies too. Such and such did only a disappointing $4 million at the box office. Or some other movie set a box office record.

This is a lamentable trend. What it Chevy promoted itself by saying "America's most heavily advertised car brand?" There's no reason why there for me. Chevy isn't credible because they're profligate any more than Barack Obama is viable because he's charismatic.

I have nothing against Barack Obama. My issue is I'm a fairly well-read guy and I know nothing about his policies, his vision, his soul. I just know he raised $30+ million. I suppose this is life in our Trump-ocracy.

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