Monday, October 29, 2007

I know we destroy the polar ice-cap and may possibly threaten every carbon-based life-form on Earth, but some really good people drive us.

Hummer's latest defilement of what was once God's green Earth is so horrendous I feel like quoting Sartre, to wit: "I laughed so hard I cried."

You see Hummer's new ads feature "Hummer Heroes." Good samaritans who drive Hummers to deliver water to Katrina victims, etc. Therefore the ruination Hummers and other gargantuan SUVs designed for people with non-distended penises visit upon the environment is perfectly acceptable. Right?
Thomas Friedman wrote a column in yesterday's NYTimes called "Did We Do That?"
In it he quotes Nate Lewis, an energy chemist from the California Institute of Technology who asks, Is man’s cumulative impact on the climate now as responsible for the weather as Mother Nature herself? “That is the question Katrina really introduced for the first time — the sense that soon, if not already, what we used to call acts of God are really acts of man,” Professor Lewis said.

More lies from GM. Earning them more bad karma. No wonder they've lost a point of market share every year for the last 30. Being bad for the world (and lying about it) isn't good for business.


Laura said...

The Hummer print campaign has that no nonsense, green look. Too bad they are far from that to the environment and our streets and highways. Anyone who buys one of these enormous wastes certainly has a pea brain.

Unknown said...

i'll thake the tram. t.