Saturday, August 30, 2008

As my august responsibilities grow evermore onerous.

The burdens on the editor-in-chief of a major international blog on something as relevant, important and potentially world-changing as Ad Aged are wearying. As Harry S Truman said when he assumed the Presidency after FDR's death, there are times "I feel like the sun, the stars and all the planets just fell on me."

To that end, I have hired (at a salary in the low seven-figures) an assistant editor. This was no easy task. This person had to have an outlook with insight--insight as benighted as mine. This person had to have the experience, the sagacity, the humor, the wit, the Shavian profundity coupled with Oscar Wilde's gift of the epigrammatic. This person also had to know the advertising industry.

After months of searching, I've found an assistant editor.

Here she is, my friends, the only candidate I could find to meet all those qualifications. The most qualified person for the job.


newfriendjill said...

I'm pretty sure she used to be Neil French's assistant editor.

george tannenbaum said...