Saturday, April 11, 2009

The emphatic end of Enfatico.

Enfatico's website is still living though the agency itself is dead. Perhaps it was morbid curiosity, but I took a look at the "Our Team" section of their site, and here's what I saw:


* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Executive Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Operating Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
President, Consumer Solutions
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Financial Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Talent Officer
* Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Digital Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Creative Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Analytics Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Communications Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Media Officer
* Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,
Chief Technology Officer

10 Chief ____________ Officers and one President, all for an agency with no ostensible business.

I wonder who their Chief Too Many Chiefs Officer is.


Tore Claesson said...

well, it seems there were no chiefs at all, no one holding the rudder, no one pointing the way. Now they complain they couldn't attract so called top talent. With what I take they mean poster names. Did they ever think they would? When the whole idea was to build a more efficient agency, read cheaper. Few people with a real choice would ever go to a one account agency to begin with, not even for money. Especially not if the client in question is one not known for buying great creative work. In their arrogance they passed on people who actually had experience building agencies. People willing to take the risk. And could have made this work. Despite all odds and a shitty economy. It seems they did most everything wrong. Of course, whatever lead WPP to accept a client's request to build what effectively is an in-house agency is a mystery? WPP had several agency networks that the client could have consolidated the account with. Like IBM did with Ogilvy years ago. Successfully. While similar to Enfatico experiments have failed before. I can only agree with George Parker on this one. It was driven by wankers.

theschwartex said...

Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees. How does a company, especially a marketing company not look at their org chart and ask themselves, "What the fuck are we doing?!"

On a side note, I wonder why it's "President" and not "Chief", Consumer Solutions?

Teenie said...


The word "solutions" always gives me spasms.