Friday, April 10, 2009

Something about which to think.

I just read an obituary of a WWII hero who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for a whole host of heroics before that word was tarnished by politicians and news-mongerers. You can read the obituary here. and it's certainly worthwhile.

Here's my point, that is if I have one at all. This guy fought off a trillion Germans, wiped out machine-gun nests singe-handedly and perhaps most amazingly hid from the Nazis in a barrel of sauerkraut (I'm not making this up.)

All we do is create ads that for the most part are either a blight on our culture or fail to sell a product or service.

As I like to say, STFUADYJ.*

*Shut the fuck up and do your job.


Teenie said...

Touché, Geo.

My grandfather was in WWII. I was packing a few more boxes today and tucked in his dog tags amongst my stuff. I miss him much.

Tore Claesson said...

We can't even begin to imagine the courage he had. We will forever be thankful that he and many others risked everything to fight for freedom for the rest of us. He was rewarded with a long life. I hope it was a life full of happiness after the war was over and till his last days.