Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where's your level of ambition?

Years ago I was out of work and found myself trapped at an agency doing what I would consider picayune work. Work that simply won't move the brand or get noticed.

I remember once after a particularly good client meeting, an account person said to me, "You hit it out of the park." To which I replied, "Yes, but it was a very small park."


Anonymous said...

I stayed in my last job WAY too long because I had great vacation time. Sincerely. (My other half lived overseas at the time and 2 weeks off a year wasn't appealing.) I once managed to rack up 9 weeks off--unheard of in North America.

I finally got out and now work in a place with balance. We don't win copious amounts of awards--yeesh, our name is barely known. But the people are great and the work is challenging and enjoyable and there's always something new. I have no ambitions to be the most popular creative in town, just to do good work and to be happy to come in every morning.

I guess that makes me ambitious-ish...?

Tore Claesson said...

You can only hit it out of the park, in one meeting, if the meeting is with the one and only person who can make the final decision.... today, however, there is never one single person with that exclusive power.....provided the client isn't a single person company.
Now. One person companies are often run by ego maniacs so trying to help them do great work might be just as futile as working for a trillion dollar corporation...and with no monetary rewards at all.
I hate to be pessimist. Or even a realist. So....?