Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In defense of cynicism.

Our world today seems to be one in which diversity is purportedly extolled but in reality avoided like a flock of mosquitoes in a nudist colony. While some work places might employ a range of skin colors, diversity of thought, approach, outlook is an ephemera. No, what is cherished now is a lock-step conformity, an obeisance to the party line and a pervading and soul-less docility.

There's an op-ed piece in The New York Times today called "Cynicism We Can Believe In." A thoughtful and well-tuned tribute to the importance of not going gently into that good night. If you can't find the time to read the whole megillah, at least read this, the concluding paragraph:

"Cynicism is basically a moral protest against hypocrisy and cant in politics and excess and thoughtless self-indulgence in the conduct of life. In a world like ours, which is slowly trying to rouse itself from the dogmatic slumbers of boundless self-interest, corruption, lazy cronyism and greed, it is Diogenes’ lamp that we need to light our path. Perhaps this recession will make cynics of us all."

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Anonymous said...

I saw a program recently that said the (Canadian) health-care system should not be run by the government, because their sole ambition is to enact short-term solutions in order to get elected.

I think that applies to everything the government touches. We're being run by the fear of an ambitious few who'll do anything to stay in office and preserve the elusive pension fund.

If cynicism is about questioning and pointing out the dishonest, move over a bit and let me on the bandwagon.