Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Better living through blogging.

As I near my fourth year of writing this blog--over 2000 entries in all--I thought I'd take a brief moment to reflect on all its done for me.

I started writing Ad Aged at the behest of my dear friend and partner, Tore Claesson (http://toreclaesson.blogspot.com/). I was painfully unemployed at the time and Tore intuitively knew I would wither if I didn't have to write every morning.

I started writing every morning. I put pressure on myself to find something to say. Yes, some times I have nothing to say, but most mornings I find some sort of inspiration and write about something that matters to me.

The writing--every morning--gave me something to do every morning, an assignment. It wasn't a substitute for work but it lent me a vector when I needed one. It was also a way to "keep my name in front of people" when I had no other way to do so. To coin a phrase "writing is a force that gives me meaning."

Over time through this blog, I have met other bloggers and tweeters. It's funny how close you can feel to people simply by reading their writing, their thoughts and their spirit every day.

I've never done anything "right" with this blog. Never searched for an audience. I don't, in the end, care that I don't have many readers. I write for a small audience. But the person I'm really writing for, solipsistically, is me.

Every once in a while--way too often--a friend calls and tells me that they've lost their job. One of the things I always advise is blogging. It's a daily affirmation of who you are and what you do.

Thank you for reading this today.


Ana said...
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Jeff said...

Thank you for posting at least once a day.
Your blog embodies everything that I love about the ad industry -the frustration, the power of creativity, the persistence needed to succeed.
I admire the frequency of your posts and the level of thought that goes into them.

I know when I was frustrated with myself and my situation I turned to blogging. It has helped tremendously and helped me understand my own thoughts better. Even more important it has connected me to people I never would have known without it.

It's funny that you mention you write this specifically for yourself because I always thought it was for people like me. That may be self centered but I think you would find many others who agree.

george tannenbaum said...


I am writing for you. But I try not to write anything that doesn't please me or anything where I'm forced to be dishonest.

Red Red said...

Thank you for writing!

I read your posts (all of them) nearly every day and you consistently entertain, teach and provoke thought.

I've been a marketer for the last 19 years, however, I've spent the last 18 months on the agency side. It's an interesting, crazy, maddening, fun business. You've been helping me make the transition. And, you've introduced me to terrific authors, musicians, artists and places.

Thank you.

Jane Barratt said...

I have been reading for years and have been inspired, entertained. Your point of view is one that more agency leaders should hear.

Great work, and thanks!

Jane Barratt

george tannenbaum said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Jane, Red Red and Jeff.