Friday, May 20, 2011

If I got one wish...

If I had one advertising wish it might very well be the elimination of the word "experience." Not only is it overused and hackneyed, it is outright deceptive.

Most agencies are infected and infested with "experience designers." You wanna know something, I've never had an experience online. I click through pages, I might watch a video or fill out a form, but I've yet to have an experience.

When I read a book, and I believe this is a parallel, I do not consider my "page-turning experience." Even when the book I'm reading has pictures or photos, I do not have a "visual experience." I just look at pictures.

I just got an ad from a shoe store, trumpeting their "shopping experience." I was in an airport that promised a "superior airport experience."

Oh, go fuck yourself sideways.

The reason people and technocrats and consultants use the word like a bludgeon is that what they offer or provide is so profoundly and insipidly boring that they need to mask it in grandiosity. That "experience" you designed? As flat as a plate of piss.

Driving a Porsche on an open road, seeing the Parthenon, meeting the President--those are experiences. Using a deodorant or visiting a deodorant's website isn't.


Tim said...

Sounds like 'This changes everything' now has a little brother.

jeff said...

I have to disagree with you on the Parthenon.
The best parts of that have been stolen and now reside in London.
Now walking the streets of Rome - that's an experience.

Anonymous said...

So why do tou work for a digital agency?

Jon G

george tannenbaum said...

Jon G, you can work somewhere and still be critical of it.

Anonymous said...

Hyper critical to the point of near hypocrisy

You know what digital agencies mean by experience, coin another word then

I like reading you when you're clever, not ranting about something that's a phrase and nothing more

Pls, doing a new tern

Jon G

Anonymous said...

Forgive mt predictive type errors in last sentence

My point: simply that you're using language as a club here, coin a new term

When I read a book, it is an experience

When I see a movie, it is an experience

when I make love to my wife, it is an experience

Certain websites are experiences, others are purely transactional

I know you're not this petty Geo

I get the point but it's heavy handd

Don't become a curmudgeon or buy the hype

But don't make much ado about not all that much

Jon G

Lacey H said...

My favorite post of all I've read on your blog!