Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I can't write any more.

OVER the past few weeks, as my wonderful younger daughter admonished, I've really been slacking on my blog. While I try to write every day, of late, I haven't felt like I have much to say. Usually, ideas find me when I think but lately if they've been knocking on more door, no one has been home.

Of course, my lack of ideas troubles me. Maybe it's a function (or lack of function) of my aging brain. Maybe its crenellations have smoothed. Maybe my synapses have withered. Maybe, thanks to the insistent dings, bings, bongs and pings that come from the various devices that I'm surrounded by have mitigated my brain function, have deteriorated my focus, have destroyed my whatchamacallit to such a degree that I can no longer write.

I'm sorry if I've been missing of late. I'm sorry if recent posts have sucked.

Let's just hope it's a slump. Not that I'm turning into a cretin.


bob hoffman said...


Don't worry. I have a novel sitting on my desktop. In the past three months I have had 3 meetings about it with friends, trying to figure out where to take it. And I haven't added one word. Writing is hard. Meetings are easy.

Tore Claesson said...

Hoffman is right. Writing is hard. Especially if one aspires to write something meaningful. But it's always good to have something to be angry about, it tends to make writing a necessity. So go to the meetings and keep getting annoyed. It may help.