Monday, April 9, 2012

Some thoughts on social media.

  1. ·      When someone says something is “hilarious” it isn’t.
  2. ·      Things that “will change everything” won’t.
  3. ·      Every video, even those that are around 30-seconds are about a minute too long.
  4. ·      If your life is so interesting, in god’s name why are you posting so much.
  5. ·      Why am I friends with so many people who can’t spell?
  6. ·      Statements like “Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says ‘I’m possible’” are usually ungrammatical and always stupid.
  7. ·      The update with the least consequence gets the most likes.
  8. ·      Social media is usually done all alone.
  9. ·      Most people expressing outrage online have no idea of the real issues.
  10. ·      Disney World isn’t any more interesting when someone else goes there.
  11. ·      I will never care when someone—especially your kid, scores a goal.
  12. ·      Anyone who announces the death of a loved one online should be in therapy.
  13. ·      Most cool “never-before-seen” film techniques were done better in the 1930s.
  14. ·      Old girl friends aren’t as pretty as they used to be.
  15. ·      Old girl friends aren’t as sane as they used to be.
  16. ·      You don’t have enough talent to shoot a chocolate cannoli so it looks appetizing.


anne said...

I read this last night. Slept on it. It still bothers me today. Apologies for the length of my reply. I'm not defending the inane things we all hate about social media. But I do believe that the true power of the whole thing has not been fully grasped or fully utilized by agencies and marketers.
UAL (use, lose or abuse) the following responses:
1. If someone thinks something is hilarious. It is. To them. So what.
2. Overall, the degree of hype by social media vendors and strategists bothers me more than the new media itself. The hype is always centered around technique or technology and not the deeply personal reasons that humans need to connect with one another. (Disclosure: I am one one of those writer/media strategists and I try to remain calm and un-blathered in the storm.)
8. Agreed. I think of social media as a sort of personal compendium of thoughts and experiences. A diary with many dimensions. People use it to connect with other people on many different levels...families with other family members around the world...friends finding friends...strangers sharing hobbies or mutual interests. At its best, It's a way of finding a voice and a means of self-expression for millions. I think we are experiencing a sort of communications renaissance. I think it is "breakthrough." Not as bloviated in the latest white paper, but as experienced by individuals, day to day.
12. I assume you are not talking about Mike Wallace. Far-flung friends (from old jobs, college days) don't hear about milestones in other lives. We're all too busy with our own lives. I wouldn't announce a death, but I have appreciated it when friends have made similar announcements to a limited network of friends via social media.
13. Agreed.
14/15. Sorry about that.
16. That's funny, but it's mean-spirited and you don't seem like a mean-spirited guy.

As I tell my frightened clients and traditional agency type guys can't judge from the sidelines. You've have to get in the pool and swim around. Yes, so much of it is complete, utter drivel (and most of that comes from the consultants, agencies and vendors). But our opinions on this don't matter. The circus goes on...with or without us. Better we should understand. I hope Uncle Slappy's finger is better today.

george tannenbaum said...

Anne, my post was really just meant to be some cynical commentary on today's most prevalent "craze that pays."

I am not a troglodyte. I enjoy social media (Facebook) myself and am a big proponent of Linked In.

I am put off by and a little stunned about some of my more prolific Facebook friends. Also befuddled by some of the stuff people find amusing.

But as they say, live and let live.