Monday, July 22, 2013

The great unraveling.

Sorry there's been no Monday post today.

I'm traveling on business, sick as a dog and the agency saw fit to wedge all 6'2" of me into a middle seat.

I'm important to the agency.

I'm the one they send when there's a meeting with the CEO, as there is today. But I'm not so important that they treat me well.

I subscribe, and have for more than two decades, to the famously liberal magazine "The New Republic." I don't know who's taken over editorial control, but they have revitalized the magazine. It no longer looks like it's printed on foolscap in the basement of a substandard high school in Mississippi.

The cover of this issue really got me. Because everything that's happened to journalism, medicine, and advertising is now happening to law.

What's happened, to keep it simple, of course is that money men have moved in and destroyed our reason for being. They get their $16 million payouts--or more--and we hear that salaries are frozen. They have lowered prices, lowered wages and made yet another industry a furious race to the bottom.

And when the profits--which they have robbed from the system--disappear, people, working stiffs like me, will get the shaft.

As always.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh..the middle seat. been there. pure hell. especially when on a red eye.