Monday, November 4, 2013

F as in Fake.

I got the new Communications Arts Advertising annual in the mail on Friday. It's numbered 54 and I've probably been getting the annual since it was numbered in the 20s.

While the television section had a sampling of work that actually ran (primarily from BBDO) I couldn't be more disappointed in the print work.

Maybe it's time to say that print, except for awards entries, is once and for all dead.

There wasn't I think a single ad for a Fortune 500 client.

Not a single ad that ran the way it was presented in CA, as a spread.

If a Martian came down to Earth to study Earthling advertising, he would conclude from CA that the most important work is done for pencil manufacturers in Hong Kong.

Two weekends ago I was feeling poorly. As a consequence I watched a bit of football on TV, something I seldom do. I watched what might have been the dreariest game I ever saw. The Giants vs. the Eagles. Two lousy teams going nowhere.

Except when someone made a good play even though their team was losing, they celebrated like they won the Super Bowl.

The celebrations were disconnected from reality.

That is CA today.

And I'm afraid our industry.

I might not get CA 55.

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