Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Maybe it's a mark of my immaturity, a sign that I've never really grown up. Maybe it's related to having come of age during a rebellious era--one in which we supposedly defied rules, questioned authority and overturned barricades.

Maybe I'm just a fuck.

I like being in trouble.

I like facing a deadline.

I like fear.


I like getting out of traps. Even if I set those traps myself.

I like the pressure of having this blog hanging over me each day. I like struggling, searching for something to write.

I like that challenge.

Mainly because I like coming through.

I've written of late that Ad Aged has become a little bit of a chore. I've let some negative comments gnaw at me. I haven't felt as "good" lately.

That's probably because I've wrestled with my health.

So my output--which to my mind has always been prodigious--has ebbed somewhat.

But with ebb comes flow.

And with flow will come more posts.

Because it's what I do.

I like the trouble.

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