Monday, November 11, 2013

Socialist Monday.

I'll make this as simple and Socialist as I can.

The great empires of the world, from Cyrus to Caesar to England to the U.S. to McDonald's, were created by finding cheap labor and exploiting it.

Right now, McDonald's--to choose one glaring example--has a market cap of almost $100 billion but claims it is unable to pay its employees anything more than a starvation wage.

The real cost, of course, of McDonald's exploitation is borne buy people who eat there. They endure surly looks and lousy service. And probably get their food spat upon. Every fast-food place I've ever been to has left me vowing never to go there again. Mostly because it's obvious that the people who work there hate being there.

Which leads me to this: Don't do business at a place where the workers hate to be. You are likely getting substandard quality and adding to mankind's misery.

The same is true whether you sell burgers or banners. If most office get-togethers are centered around going-away parties, take your trade elsewhere.

No matter how much you are saving by doing business there, you are costing yourself something.


Anonymous said...

Sums up how one should feels about advertising holding companies..not much different from McDonald's. Ain't capitalism grand?

Sean Peake said...

George, you need run that through the roller one more time after you think of the implications of that moral high horse you're set yourself upon

Anonymous said...

Burgers to banners?

By that standard and your usual take on how the agency treats you and your fellow staffers, one shouldn't eat at a fast food chain or work in advertising.


george tannenbaum said...

General principles. Nothing to do specifically with any agency.