Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm sorry.*

"I see you're working with Rob now," my ECD said to me. "He's a pretty good guy."

"He might be," I answered. "But he's not nearly as good as an account guy as he is at apologizing."

My ECD bid me to explain.

"Well, when we first met, he handed me a brief and then he said, "Don't really follow this. We're not sure what the client is thinking."

I nodded and started to ask what, then, we were looking to do.

"Listen, a lot of things are on the client's mind. Why don't you come up with a range of ideas."

"A range," I repeated.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. We don't know what the client's looking for. So come up with a few things. He'll know it when he sees it."

"Ok," I answered compliantly. I'd been there before.

"I hate to tell you this, but we need things quickly. The client's coming in on Thursday."

"Thursday," I said. "That's the day after tomorrow."

"We have a meeting scheduled and we can't miss it," he said.

"So, a lot of ideas and have it done in two days."

"I'm really sorry about that. Oh, one more thing. We need some guerilla ideas."


"You know, ambient. Experiential. The client wants to see them, even if we never run them."

"I got it," I said and I began walking back to my cube.

"One more thing," he said. "And I'm sorry to say this. We're running hot on this. Try to get this all done in about 15 hours."
*This is merely a joke. No harm intended. Just a joke.

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