Monday, October 6, 2014

Time and tide.

So much of what we do in our business is meant to save time and improve efficiency. We rush to deadlines. We sit on conference calls. We write things overnight, or edit them, or shoot them, taking less time than we need, because we can.

I remember years ago filling up my Ford Capri with gas at a gas station in Vermont. My wife was with me and uncharacteristically impatient. She snapped at the gas-station attendant, "can't you pump faster?" She asked.

"That's as fast as it comes out," the attendant answered, correctly.

Here's my two cents.

Most things have a natural cadence.


Day to night.

Life and death.

Crops grow and probably shouldn't grow any faster than god, water and sunshine intended.

Relationships happen and good ones take time to develop and unfold. They, too, probably shouldn't be rushed.

And dumb everyday things, like layouts and copy and taglines and :30s, they too have a cadence.

We have the capability, of course, to do everything quicker. And we often do.

But I think when we do, we get out of step with the way things should be.

Synapses are instantaneous but they shouldn't be impulsive.

Thoughts should be lived with, not blurted.

Life should not be constantly on over-drive.

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