Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The past tense of "Gig" is "Gag."

It seems that after six intense months of work, one of my two simultaneous gigs is coming to a gagging halt.

Which means it's time for a short advertisement for myself.

If you need someone who shows up early and stays until the job--more than the job--is done, I'll be available starting Saturday.

I'm fast, funny, prolific and most important, I think, I can take mounds, heaps and piles of complexity and spin it into sterling copy. Copy that makes things simple, attractive, human and emotional.

That said, I am not particularly easy. I challenge briefs and, while not argumentative, I will defend my work. I do not roll-over like a golden retriever. Or a pillbug.

You'll also find that I can listen to C-level clients and, gently and persuasively, guide them to more attractive grounds. They learn to trust me. Not because I am compliant. But because I am candid.

All that is available for the asking.

Speaking of asking, I'm asking you to spread the word.

I work onsite, from afar, nights and weekends.

It's not that I need the money.

I love what I do.

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