Thursday, October 30, 2014

The joys of lack of candor.

As a freelancer, I get a lot of calls that lead me down the garden path. They say, you'd be perfect for such and such and we're putting you on hold. We'll let you know by the end of the day.

Of course, the end of the day comes and goes and by morning, I give up being patient and send an email. In short order, I often find an email back with some sort of bs apology. "We decided to move in a different direction," they say.

I know enough to know that this is part of the game. And I get too much work as it is, so I don't take these set-backs personally.

But what I do do is keep my eyes tuned in to the TV to see what such and such agency's different direction is.

Over the past couple of days I saw some spots that are so reprehensibly bad as to almost make me gag. They're for a financial services firm and are all joke and no substance. Exactly the equation I'm looking for when I invest my money. After all, if your stock-broker isn't funny, well, why bother. I mean, really, comedy is what I want from financial advice.

In any event, I have a policy when I'm asked about such horrid work. When someone says, "what did you think or our new spots."

I do something uncharacteristic. I bite my lip, keep my feelings to myself and mumble, "Well, it's not what I would have done."

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