Monday, November 10, 2014

How stupid could I have been?

When I was a kid, the funniest show on TV, at least to my "tween" sense of humor was "Get Smart." It was a send-up, basically, of the spy genre. It spoofed the wildly popular James Bond, replacing the suave and debonair Sean Connery with the bumbling and ridiculous Don Adams. Much of the show sprang from the deliciously comic minds of Buck Henry and Mel Brooks. So maybe though I was only 10 or 11, my taste in Borscht-Belt humor was not so far off.

The star of the show, Maxwell Smart had many an odd locution that made me laugh. "Would you believe..." was one. "Sorry about that..." was another.

The one that struck me as funniest was this. Say someone handed Smart a cup of coffee roughly the size of a 50-gallon aquarium. Smart would look at it, think for a moment, and then remark, "That's the second biggest cup of coffee I've ever seen." It was always the second biggest, strongest, fastest something or other. And no one would ever ask him about the first biggest, etc.

Some months ago as I began to parry and thrust through the freelance world, I changed my Linked In epithet to "New York's busiest freelance Creative Director." Since then work has clustered to me like moths unto a flame. And many have asked me if I'm too busy for them. (I'm not.)

Despite being busier than ever, today I'm changing my moniker.

It's much better now.

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