Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nobody asked me, but...

...I couldn't give a rat's ass about Kim Kardashian's ass.
...The stock market has destroyed more wealth than it's created.
...Social media is gossip.
...Gossip is the pornography of the 21st Century.
...I'd rather have a Rothko than a Koons.
...I'd rather chew tinfoil than go to
...I don't trust creatives who don't create.
...The digital Times is better than the paper Times.
...But I miss the print ads.
...No agency should be located more than five blocks from a bookstore.
...Or a museum.
...I will never buy anything at the new Moleskin store on University place.
...Fact is, I'll never even go in there again.
...Your random thoughts are not so precious that they need to be bound in a book.
...Selling food from a truck doesn't make you cool.
...I'm not sure I'll ever make the switch to e-books even though my apartment can't fit anymore books.
...99% of everything is no big deal.
...Agency compilation reels are bullshit.
...The secret to happiness is getting up early and walking your dog.
...40-degrees in November is not cold enough to comment on.
...Elijah Cook, Jr. was in more great movies than just about anyone.
...The 1969-1970 Knicks could beat the current Knicks. Right now. Though they're all 70.
...All professional sports' seasons are 30% too long.
...People who trumpet how late they work didn't need to work that late.
...The best looking trucks in New York are from the Bronx and deliver fuel oil.

A tip of my fedora goes to the great Jimmy Cannon who wrote a column for various New York newspapers for more than 40 years. Without any particular news to report, Cannon would start a column like I started today's post. Thank you, Mr. Cannon.

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