Friday, November 28, 2014

Too much.

It's sad what's happened to our souls. If you try to lead a contemplative, non-consumerist, moderate life, you become odd man out.

You might be too out-of-step to even be in the business anymore.

We're meant to consume everything in mass quantities, food, clothing, entertainment, alcohol. But we're meant to be parsimonious when we consume things that really matter.

Everyone thinks I'm weird because I take a full hour every evening to read a book. I should be, instead, at the endless breadstick and pasta bar at Olive Garden. Or watching Zombies.

I can't sleep tonight because I'm bothered by the notion that Thanksgiving is a misnomer.

We should change its name, for accuracy's sake, to Thanksgetting.

We're all out getting ours. Lest somebody else get it first. Or at a better price.

There's nothing wrong with a simpler world. A quieter world.

A world that isn't too much with us.

A comfortable chair.

A good lamp.

A fine book.

And an hour.

It lowers your blood pressure.

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