Thursday, March 10, 2016

Five Minutes with our CCAPO.

Ad Aged: Good morning.

CCAPO: Good morning.

Ad Aged: You are a CCAPO. Tell me what does that stand for and what is it what you do?

CCAPO: I regurgitate, repurpose, reuse and respout. I am a Chief Cut and Paste Officer.

Ad Aged: I see. What is it that you do exactly?

CCAPO: I take things written by others and couple them with other things written by others and cut and paste them into documents and call them mine.

Ad Aged: Elaborate please.

CCAPO: Say there's a brief floating around for a fabric softener. That brief represents days of focus-grouping and hours of thought.

Ad Aged: Yes. That's what we do.

CCAPO: I think it's a pity we can't use those insights on a brief for life-insurance or a dishwasher.

Ad Aged: So you cut and paste and reuse the same brief?

CCAPO: Yes. Who says, for instance that an overnight delivery service can't have the fresh scent found in a newly-mown meadow?

Or, take this line from a brief for a bulldozer: "It handles the toughest loads."

That works for washer/dryers, mainframe servers and dishwashing detergent.

Ad Aged: In other words, many products/one brief.

CCAPO: That's good. I think I'll use it.

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