Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Five minutes with our CTO.

AD AGED:    So, you’re a CTO. Back in the day, that stood for Chief Technology Officer. I suppose it stands for something different now.

CTO:              Well, the Chief Technology Title is very passé. In today’s modern agency,  CTO stands for Chief Talk Officer.

AD AGED:     I see. And what does a Chief Talk Officer do?

CTO:              Do? Don’t make me laugh! It’s not about doing. A Chief Talk Officer talks.

AD AGED:     Please explain.

CTO:               Well, I talk about projects but I say things like:
                        Don’t play attention to the art—that’s FPO.
                        And, don’t pay attention to the copy—that’s FPO.

AD AGED:      So you don’t make anything.

CTO:              No, I feed the beast with the currency of our age. The minute something  needs to be done, I’m needed at an edit.

AD AGED:     And what are you doing at the edit?

CTO:              Talking about the edit.          
 Talk is the grease that keeps the wheels of our industry turning. Talk is the  lubricant of capitalism. Talk makes the world go round.

AD AGED:     Well, thank you for your time today.

CTO:              Thank you. It was a pleasure talking.


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