Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five minutes with our GGO.

Ad Aged:  Good morning, I've never met a GGO before. Tell me, what does GGO stand for, and what is it you do?

GGO: It's pretty simple really. GGO stands for Global Global Officer. I keep track of all the Global officers in our organization to make sure they're not behaving locally.

Ad Aged: I confess, I'm not really sure I understand. Could you break it down a bit for me?

GGO: Yes, in today's modern corporation Global is a prefix that's attached to literally hundreds of titles. We have Global Account Managers, Global Finance Officers, Global Media Directors, Global Creative Directors, Global Human Resources. We have so many Global people we need an ecosystem to keep them all on track.

Ad Aged: And that's what you do, you're in charge of Global Officers....Globally. 

GGO: I couldn't have said it better myself. When you're running a Global organization you need to globalize your operations to optimize GEO efficiencies globally.  We operate Globally and bring best practices from Global down to local affiliates to drive globalization and globular efficiencies.

Ad Aged: Thank you for clearing that up. And thank you for your time.

GGO: Well, I'm glad I could help. I'm off now to an IGLT meeting.

Ad Aged: IGLT?

GGO: A meeting of the Inter Galactic Leadership Team.

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