Friday, April 1, 2016

Fear and loathing on Madison Avenue.

Fear has won.

Fear of being washed up.

Fear of getting sent to coventry.

Fear of being fired.

Fear of never working again.

Fear of not pleasing your boss.

Fear of not pleasing the client.

Fear of not pleasing your boss' boss.

Or your client's client.

Fear of not winning at Cannes.

Fear of never having another weekend.

Fear of never seeing your children.

Fear of never having an evening.

Or a dinner with your wife.

Fear of what happens if you don't pick up on the first ring.

Fear of the 2,000 emails waiting.

Fear of the overlapping meetings

Fear of having too much to do with too few to  do it.

Fear of heart attacks.

Fear of ulcers.

Fear of fear.


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