Friday, April 29, 2016

Once again.

I don't really believe that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny but I do believe how you do small things is an indication of how you'll handle large things.

In other words, if you kick your dog, you'll probably hit your kid.

I was thinking about this this morning as I faced the blank page onto which I blather out my daily Ad Aged posting.

It's Friday.

I had a bit of a crisis at home. 

A phone-call I had to take this morning at 8:30.

And about nine things that were sitting in my death-box...I mean, in-box, that were clamoring for at least a jot of attention.

Some of my blogging colleagues take Friday off.

It's the lowest readership day of the work week.

And I don't get paid for this.

Besides, what the fuck.

However, that's not how I do things.

I'm more a believer that 80% of life, or maybe more, is showing up. And of course, showing up with the goods.

In other words, even though I have no real obligation, I feel an obligation and I oblige.

I'm not being a martyr about this.

It's just the way I do things.

I see a lot of brands and agencies with a social media presence they update four times a year or less.

It seems to me that if you do something like a blog--you should try to be as regular as an octogenarian mainlining prune juice.

For as long as I've been alive, Tiffany's has run what used to be called a 300-line ad on the upper right corner of page three of "The New York Times."

I don't know if they cancelled it in the days after 9/11 or after Pearl Harbor.

But regularity of behaviour, consistency, stamina--being reliable, is a big part of life, relationships, work.

That's my post for today.

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