Friday, February 3, 2017


I understand we are all human, and we are all moving much too fast. On Wednesday, in this space, I made a pretty egregious typo. I attributed the Horatio Hornblower series of novels to C.S. Lewis, not C.S. Forester.

I got my C.S.’s mixed up.

But this blog is free. It’s my hobby. I have not, like Rich Siegel of “Round Seventeen” renown, reaped a financial windfall beyond the scope of my very imagination.

In other words, I make typos in this space.

Mea fucking culpa.

But I am not earning my living doing this.

Whereas, if you’re writing copy for your ACD, CD, ECD, CCO or clients, you are.

So, do not send me ukdated copy.

Do not tell me you are taking Thrusday off.

Do not wish me Bob Voyage.

Please, try to be careful—even punctilious in your work.

Thamk you.

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