Monday, February 6, 2017

Me and Lady Gaga. Yes, me and Lady Gaga.

My cousin, Adam is Lisa and Kenny's, the gastroenterologist's, oldest son and middle child. 

Lisa is Herb and Yetta's oldest daughter.

The Rosenthal's moved to Boca from Cherry Hill many years ago and raised their three kids there.

Many kids raised in Boca are expected to go to med school, or law school, or get their MBAs and get a big job for some big company somewhere.

But Adam marched to the beat of a different drummer. He knocked around in odd jobs in south Florida for some years, then pulled up stakes and moved out west to Santa Monica.

Howard, Adam's Uncle, sees him when he's out there for business.

In Santa Monica, Adam became a fitness trainer at a prominent health club. Along the way, he got more and more muscular until the present time when he is fairly dripping with sinew.

One day, Lady Gaga came into Adam's health club. Adam attended to her exercise session and, apparently Lady Gaga was much enthralled with Adam, my cousin. After a short time, Lady Gaga hired Adam to be her personal trainer. 

Today, he travels the world on Lady Gaga's private plane, when she flies privately, with Ms. Gaga. 

Last night, as she was somersaulting and sequining and twisting, and shimmying and moving in ways that make me hurt just by watching, Adam was high in the stands, watching his work at work.

It's a weird world we live in.

That my cousin Adam is Lady Gaga's personal trainer. 

And somehow, I am two degrees, or even one, separated from her.

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