Friday, June 15, 2018

Nobody asked me but....Ides of June edition.

Nobody asked me but is my periodic homage to the great New York sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When Cannon was stuck, when he had no ideas (it happens even to the best of us) he would write one of these. About everything but sports.

Nobody asked me but...

...When it's 81 degrees and sunny, with a light wind blowing off the Hudson, and you're far enough away from the odors of horse manure emanating from the stables on West 48th street, New York might well be the greatest city in the world.

...I generally don't like people who call New York the greatest city in the world.

...Especially if they've never been to Akron in a snowstorm.

...That was a joke.

...When did we start appending the suffix "oid" onto the word fact?

...And what's the difference, anyway, between a fact and a factoid.

...Is there such a thing as a
 little bit of fiction, a fictionoid? 

...Part of me thinks the Trump administration will end the same way Senator Joseph McCarthy ended, with someone asking him on national television, "Sir, have you no sense of decency?"

...Back then and today, that's a rhetorical question.

...The more you need to print something, the greater the likelihood that the printer is broken.

...I think they call that HP's law.

...It goes along with Mac's law that a two-hour software upgrade happens just as you're on deadline.

...Does anyone really think AT&T buying Time-Warner will be good for customers? 

...Do those people actually use AT&T or Time-Warner?

...If you do, do you actually think they'll ever answer their phone or fix a problem?

...How do the people who send out shrill notices that your timesheets are late fill out their timesheets?

...Every once in a while, when the world gets too much with me, I feel like watching an old episode of "Mr. Ed."

...Did you expect more from a post on a summer Friday?

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