Friday, June 29, 2018

The "Creativity is Dead" Creative Agency.

“Creativity can come from anywhere,” said ________ _______WW CEO of ____________________, a global advertising and marketing firm. 

“The mechanic who fixes your car is creative. A street musician mimicking Coltrane under a railroad trestle in Houston, she’s creative. The architect who designed our connected, chair-less workspace which optimizes our optimization processes, she’s creative.”

“We’re ushering a new Creative dawn at ________,
completely without creative people. With creativity coming from anywhere, we can just tap the people around us and create a collision of ideasTM that collides with our new concept the idea of collisionTM  to create not just ads—because people hate ads, but brand assets that consider recency, relevancy and ridiculancy and influence not just customer behavior but culture as an experiency of livingancy.”

To further optimize the optimization of the creative optimization process, ________ is establishing councils of creativity to support the experiency of voicenomicsTM.

“First,” __________ continued, “We will listen to many voices and have a cross-cultural superstructure to our infrastructure which will inform our Tomorrow and the Next-Day and Maybe Next Week Council TM. This Council will function to hone the futureness of our past and present work and drive the 3RsTM—recency, relevancy and ridiculancy.”

The council will have will have no permanent home or permanent members but will come-together when needed in the way you can always find a Dunkin’ Donuts when you need one. “It will just appear,” __________ said.

The Tomorrow and the Next-Day and Maybe Next Week Council TM will feed into the work of the Wow, You Really Did That CouncilTM which is charged with inspiration, aspiration, mastication and perspiration.

These councils will ensure that the key talent-can-come-from-anywhere individuals will maximize their maximization and drive culture and behavioral change for our clients. In our maker culture which is a culture of making the things we make, the way we move forward to a creative future is to have no creativity,” __________ said.

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