Monday, October 1, 2018

A new paradigm of paradigmness.

Holding company CEO, ___________ said today that in an effort to keep up with the changing dynamics of the advertising industry, plans are in the works to consolidate some of the holding company’s giant properties into one unit with a breadth of disparate specialities.

“Traditional agencies are struggling to keep pace with the industry’s digital shift,” __________ said. “We need to bring forward best-in-breed capabilities from across our network in order to offset decline in revenues at creative agencies.”

“What we’re basically doing is taking the strengths of different agencies and putting them together in one new digital first entity. It’s a new model of paradigmness, a new way to harness the “Power of None,” to drive the success of our business model and return value to both our clients and our shareholders.

The new entity could be called “ZAQCYIBDGPRVSWHYJFKOELTUN & M,” according to someone close to the CEO. “We’ve taken one letter from each of the many agencies in the holding company and combined them into a fast and responsive, nimble and tech savvy marketing company.

ZAQCYIBDGPRVSWHYJFKOELTUN & M will help drive our business forward through customer-focused data-centricity which will help ZAQCYIBDGPRVSWHYJFKOELTUN & M craft more relevant ads."

ZAQCYIBDGPRVSWHYJFKOELTUN & M spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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