Sunday, October 7, 2018


I am sorry that a post (that I didn't post, my agency did) offended some people. And caused pain, hurt and sadness. That was never my intent. My words appeared careless, and I am sorry for that. I will do my best to make sure it never happens again. 

I am sorry my words appeared to be injudiciously chosen--or even mean-spirited and bigoted. That was never my intent. Never. Never. Never.

But please, I implore you, to try hard before you jump to conclusions and attack someone ad hominem, read the entirety of what they've posted, not just a portion thereof.

First of all, stick to your knitting is a metaphor for working hard. It is not me telling people to knit. I am sorry that phrase was used, since I can now see how it could be read as it was never intended.

Secondly, the post was number 12 of 60. Try reading what came before it and after--not just a portion that confirms a bias you may already have or are looking to exploit.

Third, try to understand context. The posts this was excerpted from were never intended as advice. (If you read my piece or saw it as it was intended, as a speech, you'd have known that.) These were things I've learned through my long and relatively unblemished years. Mentioning younger people or women was in reference to me, a 60-year-old man striving to be something I'm not. It was meant to be, and I believe this would have been clear if the entire piece were read, not a portion selected, self-deprecating. 

But again, I'm sorry that my words--in any shape or form, subject to any misinterpretation given the heightened sensitivity of our tribal and angry era--caused anger, hurt and harm.

As I have stated above, that was never my intent. I feel shame and sorrow for having caused those feelings. As careful as I am in this space--I've posted over 5,000 posts and have never gotten a reaction remotely like this--I will be more careful in the future. That said, I ask that my readers are too. Lest it appears they are reaching conclusions based on a scintilla of information, and not the entire picture. 

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