Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Intercomcom merges with noted International Art Museum.

The logo of the newly formed communications entity.
Global advertising holding company, Intercomcom, who has a controlling interest in over 600 communications and marketing entities, including three other global advertising holding companies that own another 600 communications and marketing entities, announced today a merger of one of its lead agencies with the Toledo Museum of Contemporary Art.

Intercomcom spokesperson said, “Today, communications are all about data. But at Intercomcom, we’re all about Dada. Anyone can use data. Whereas dada finds us insights, human truths and emotional ballast. So we’re putting together some of our finest Human Storytellers® with an institution that knows more about dada than anyone else.”

“Clients today don't need sales, the spokesman continued. “They need purpose-focused inspiration that is rooted in dada-driven insights. Our combined entity offers precisely what clients think they want. Brilliant storytelling, sophisticated technology--with occasionally functioning wireless--and expertise in dada. It's with humility that I am both honored and humbled as I lead this new organization and its exceptional people through round after subsequent round of downsizing.

Agency CEO, Ed Melward said, “with everyone having virtually the same access to data, we differentiate our client-facing offering by bringing dada into the equation. Just think of how Marcel Duchamp added value to a simple industrial urinal by integrating it with dada. Imagine trying fill out a melting timesheet a la Dali. We could call it ‘the Persistence of Vagaries.’”

Melward continued in a prepared statement, “This marriage builds on a collaborative history of pushing the boundaries to the outer limits of banality. As a modern powerhouse, we will continue to innovate in traditional spaces while exploring the new, the stale and the detritus that passes for new. By bringing dada into emerging and emergent categories as well as submerged and submerging categories, we will be bold and borderless whilst always putting first our corporate largess and pettifoggery, never forgetting to feather the nests of those who need it least.

“It’s a world that runs on dada,” said a holding company spokes-cliche. “We will use dada itself to obscure and deflect in every way possible.”


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