Friday, November 2, 2018

Nobody asked me but....early November edition.

Nobody asked me but is inspired by the great New York sportswriter Jimmy Cannon. Cannon was famously prolific but when he could find nothing to write about, he’d write one of these columns. About anything but sports.

Nobody asked me but…..

80% of all problems in life come from procrastination….

I’ve waited a long time to say that….

I don’t think anyone has ever completely read a status report….

Or a corporate newsletter…

Or the monthly travel magazine you get from AAA….

I say it every year: the baseball season should end by October 5th….

And they should play afternoon games again….

I’m not sure I’ll never get used to men wearing capri pants….

I guess that marks me as a troglodyte….

While I hate most manifestos…

I love TBWA\Chiat\Day’s new one….

I don’t trust anyone who uses the word nexus

Anyone who says things like “we’re shifting our thinking from being creatives to being creators,” is a tool and an asshat.

In fact, I think 98% of quotations from press-releases make people look like asshats.

And no, I have no idea what an asshat is but I’m told saying dickweed makes me sound old.

I read a line from Melville yesterday that struck me, “At rows of blank-looking counters sat rows of blank-looking girls, with blank, white folders in their blank hands, all blankly folding blank paper.”

There’s a good chance if someone submitted that today their editor would say there were too many blanks.

If you’re looking for a good book on American history, Jill Lepore’s “These Truths” is hard to beat.

But it’s 1000 pages. Worth it, but beware.

It sure beats wasting eight hours a weekend watching football.

Of course, so does root canal.

I pray we find the better angels of our nature and vote on November 6.

And once again, these things are harder to finish than to start.

And harder to write than they look.


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