Saturday, April 5, 2008

How does this make you feel?

Marketing people are great at discrimination. They create words like "direct," "interactive," "traditional," "experiential," and so on. These words are all nonsense because if your work is any good it involves all of those adjectives.

Today I heard a report on NPR about the true power of advertising. Dr. Gavan Fitzsimons and his academic cohorts found that "even the briefest exposure to well-known brands can cause people to behave in ways that mirror those brands’ traits.

“Each of us is exposed to thousands of brand images every day, most of which are not related to paid advertising,” said Gavan Fitzsimons. “We assume that incidental brand exposures do not affect us, but our work demonstrates that even fleeting glimpses of logos can affect us quite dramatically.”

In other words you will behave more creatively if for a period as brief as just 1/30th of a second you glimpse the Apple logo. We have been exposed for many years to Apple's consistently consistent advertising. So now we are trained to immediately associate their logo with "nonconformity, innovation and creativity.”

Read all about it here.

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