Sunday, April 13, 2008

Infrequently Asked Questions.

1. Will anyone care?
2. Do we really need to have this status meeting?
3. Why can't anyone show up on time?
4. What do you think?
5. Why can't I take a short nap if I'm tired?
6. How come I always get the low chair?
7. Is it ok if I work from home?
8. Who wrote this shit?
9. Have you seen Mitchell, he's not in his office?
10. Why is there never any paper in the printer?
11. I would never put my name on an award-entry just because I'm ECD, would you?
12. Why does everyone leave the conference room such a mess?
13. Can we cover this in ten minutes?


Unknown said...

....and who are the people who pee on the seat without cleaning up after, and leave toilet paper on the floor?
This type of person works in every office I've ever worked in. And in some of those offices I have known every person it's hard to figure that any of them would be the swine in question.
but quite clearly at least one person in every office is nothing but a selfish pig.

Laura said...

These are all so true.
And why did someone call this meeting?
And why didn't anyone think this through first?